Basic Course: Gelato and Sorbetto

Course Code: CBG

Addressed to

Novices, housewives, gelato lovers and future professionals


2 days


€ 500,00 + IVA


The aim of this basic gelato-making course is to offer a series of concepts and parameters for producing fine quality gelato.

The way gelato is analysed has changed in recent decades. Now, not only the recipe is taken into consideration (handed down, often in secret, from generation to generation), but the ingredients are analysed  too, as well as their contents, and parameters are created to ensure that the desired results can be achieved precisely.

Now we have begun to talk about balancing to achieve the same consistency and creaminess for all the different flavours. The aim is to create products that can be conserved at the same temperature and with the same consistency, even if they have different tastes and characteristics.

We will also talk about different preparation methods for different flavours and product quantities.

Gelato will be classified into two categories made with discontinuous machines:

  • Gelato preferably made fresh every day
  • Self made artisan gelato

We will also explain how to design a workshop for a gelateria.

The skill of master gelato makers is to present traditional flavours alongside new ones. It is essential to produce with high quality ingredients,  complying with all current standards. It is also important to present an image of fairness and to avoid consumer’s common misconception that gelato has excessive nutritional values.