“FAIDATE” gelato-making course

Course Code: CGF

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For multipurpose Ribot 1000 machine users and gelato-makers who wish to offer more than the usual products


3 days


€ 750,00 + IVA


The search for genuine flavouring products, self-made gelato and other specialities offers all the freshness today’s consumers are looking for. Self-production with Ribot means top quality, satisfaction and profit.

The opportunity to produce only what is needed, reduces stocks and ensures that they are always of the highest quality. Toasting the paste only when it is about to be used also preserves fragrance, flavour and taste.

The special benefits offered by the “FAIDATE” gelato-making program include:

  • intensifying the freshness of seasonal products, reducing stocks and producing original gelato flavours with solid-piece ingredients
  • cold-cutting/chopping dried fruit without melting or burning oils or fat; and enhancing products by fine-cutting ingredients into tiny pieces
  • preparing hot syrups
  • rapid blast chilling and preparing products for vacuum packing
  • producing excellent mix yields and blending ingredients rapidly
  • cooking jams and keeping temperature for fruit compotes and yogurt
  • tempering and keeping end products looking bright and glossy thanks to precision-controlled times and temperatures

Gelato, pastry and chocolate recipes can be repeated precisely and constantly, and this guarantees excellent end results.

Constant, automatic processing simplifies preparation and ensures both time and energy savings.

Statistics regarding “FAIDATE” gelato production indicate major savings and higher profits. So self-made with Ribot means top quality, satisfaction and deserved profits.