Have you got problems with your gelato?

The most common flaws with self-made gelato usually concern either structure or taste. These can be countered with either objective (measurable) or subjective (personal taste) values.

Below is a list of the flaws we encounter most frequently:

  • gelato is too soft, lacks consistency and tends to puddle
  • gelato is too hard, it is difficult to serve or portion out
  • gelato is sandy
  • gelato is rubbery
  • gelato is porous
  • gelato is watery
  • gelato has ice crystals
  • gelato is too heavy, not enough air incorporated
  • gelato is too light, too much air incorporated
  • gelato is too sweet
  • gelato lacks of distinctive flavour

IGTC solutions for gelato flaws!

IGTC – the Italian Gelato Training Center – can help you correct all of the gelato flaws listed above. Thanks to its balanced recipes and ingredients it will enable you to obtain different gelato flavours with the same structure and consistency and to offer similar low-temperature conservation methods

This is extremely important as it means you can exhibit a wide variety of gelato flavours in modern display counters with the same aspect and consistency. The person serving gelato will also have an easier job and the consumer will appreciate and enjoy the product even more as it will be served with exactly the right level of creaminess.

We are very proud of the fact that numerous gelaterias have reported notable increases in both sales and profits after following our technical advice on how to improve their recipes and preparation methods.


ricette gelato artigianale

How we proceed:

Our solutions to gelato flaws are always personalised as each case is unique.

In general the service is organised as follows:

  • Purchase of a balanced gelato recipe: € 5.00 + VAT per flavour (if purchased online).
  • 1-day consultation service at our headquarters.  (Times: 9.00am-1.00pm | 2.00 – 6.00pm) Balanced recipes and preparation methods for 12 gelato and sorbet flavours with a white base and syrup base € 400.00 + VAT for 1 day.
  • 1-day consultation service at customer’s store. Balanced recipes and preparation methods for 12 gelato and sorbet flavours € 600.00 + VAT for 1 day + travelling (and accommodation) expenses.

Contact us by filling in the form below and emailing it to us or phone +39 0377 466651 (Mrs Enrica Dedè)



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Marco Meoni

From friendship to helpful consultation.
After 23 years of volleyball triumphs in sporting arenas all around the world, with your help I am now having just as much success with my gelato at “Gelateria Giorgio” in Porto Recanati!
Thanks a million,

Gelateria Giorgio
Piazza Brancondi – 62017, Porto Recanati, Italia