IGTC gelato courses: Philosophy and Methods

Thanks to more than fifty years of experience, we are able to combine art and science to make our gelato training more practical and effective.


IGTC, the Italian Gelato Training Center, offers professional, basic and advanced courses for those who have made or wish to make gelato their passion and work. Combining theory and practice, tradition and imagination, in our gelato training we present all the latest trends of the market. Our gelato-making courses are structured to offer both beginners and professionals a wide knowledge of artisan gelato, also by creating personalised course combinations to suit specific requirements.

Philosophy of the Italian Gelato Training Center

We have chosen to make diversity the leitmotif of our gelato training course portfolio. Our methods and contents are significantly different. Our method is based on logic, numbers, a belief in fine quality, clear and practical values, with space for artistic expression; but no time for idle improvisation, sterile arrogance and bombastic declarations.
We have founded all our activities at the Italian Gelato Training Center on mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and microbiology – in a word science – to ensure they are correct. gelato training by IGTC

Gelato courses: teaching methods

Experience in gelato-making, technology and modern teaching methods are combined to transmit our knowhow.The “concrete” side of our courses includes classrooms equipped with suitable IT tools and workshops boasting state-of-the-art machinery. Our human resources are even more important: our instructors are all highly skilled professionals with decades of experience in gelato-making training. We follow the one-third / two-thirds rule: one-third of our courses are held in the classroom, two-thirds in the workshop, so participants can put what they learn into practice straightaway. Just 20 minutes after the start of the course, our students are already in the workshop making gelato. IGTC teaching methods are characterised by a combination of instruction and training system with constant attention to the employment dynamics. We continuously seek to bring together school, industry and local territory.